About Addiction à l’œuvre and the Addiction Project


The Addiction Project is conceptualized by the artist Véronique Bourgoin with the Atelier Reflexe / Fabrique des Illusions in partnership with the festival programmed by Philippe Bérard & dfilms “Addiction à l’œuvre”. This festival is running in 5-act between 2015 and 2019. This festival aims to construct a cinematic history over the theme of addiction and crosses with the contemporary art.

The project is supported by and developed in partnership with Le Louvre, l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-arts de Paris, le Centre Pompidou, le Grand Palais, le musée de la Vie romantique, le Petit Palais, des cinémas indépendants, Les Roches, Dirk Bakker Boeken, le Mélies, les Cinémas du 93, la Cinémathèque de Toulouse, la fédération Addiction, SoS Addictions and Atelier Reflexe/Fabrique des Illusions. The festival is not limited to Paris, but takes place all over France in different forms.

The first workshop Addiction à l’œuvre kicked off for the first time in October until December 2016 with Veronique Bourgoin and guest lecturers and 1-week master class with the renowned film director Abel Ferrara.

The second workshop Addiction à l’œuvre kicked off for the first time in October until December 2017 with Philippe Bérard, Veronique Bourgoin and guest lecturers linked with a lot of events (more infos click here). The topic is around the Photo Novel.

The objective of these master classes is to create a fertile ground for creation and experimentation by interaction of artistic disciplines and by pooling the knowledge and skills of artists, co-organizers and cultural partners. Ultimately, the master class should conclude by reaching an original work on a topic that is very relevant to our times.

Please read more on the project here (in French only).