Addiction de l’œuvre has a double entendre in French. It is not only an addiction to work, but likewise can be understood as an addiction of or to the arts. Thus, our point of departure during this 1-week master class led by renowned film director Abel Ferrara and Veronique Bourgoin of Atelier Reflexe will be addiction.

The master class will be held in Paris, France from the 22nd of November to the 29th of November 2016 (for the schedule, look here). During the week, the students will attend several classes and talks with Abel Ferrara, but will also meet a number of guest lecturers (have a look at our great lineup here).

Methodology :
– Practical workshops conducted under the guidance of experienced professionals to address both traditional techniques and new technologies.
– Meetings with artists and personalities from the art world, offering a diversity of views and experiences.
– Exhibition of results (details to come) to give international visibility to the work, both in the art world and on the internet.
–  Evaluation of the work / selection according to the concept of each participant.

– Learn how to produce art projects, finding effective and relevant concepts.
– Mix different art forms.
– To reflect on an art project and a topical issue.
– Experiment with the tools specific to each discipline.
– Reach an original work on a topic relevant to our times.

Expected results:
– Creation of a multidisciplinary art project on a topical issue.
– Deepening knowledge and working methods.
– Art Opening to new disciplines
– The works created during the master class will be exhibited a number of places (details to come).

The master class is held by Atelier Reflexe/Fabrique des Illusions and Véronique Bourgoin in close cooperation with dfilms and in partnership with renowned institutions like Le Louvre, l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-arts de Paris, le Centre Pompidou, le Grand Palais, le musée de la Vie romantique and le Petit Palais.