In situ exhibition/Installation at Les Roches


During Saturday 19th of November, the participants of the master class held, in conjunction with the festival ‘Addiction à l’oeuvre’, an in situ exhibition/installation at Les Roches in Montreuil.

This exhibition is arranged within the framework of the Abel Ferrara master class and will receive feedback from Abel Ferrara himself during his master class in the coming week.

The participating artists are:
Reza Azard, Flore Baudelot, Gamlet & Bob Basset, Marguerite Bourgoin,
Véronique Bourgoin,Constance Chambersfarah,Jérôme Corgier,
Etienne Cottereau,Victor Dupuis, Stella Bristol,Valérie Jaudon,
Jérôme Lefdup,Jean-Louis Leibovitch,
Julia Mejnertsen and Juli Susin

Photo credit Victor Dupuis, Juli Susin, Jean-Louis Leibovitch and Reza Azard